Is Capital Welcomes a non-profit organization?

Capital Welcomes is a registered non-profit organization. Capital Welcomes CRA Registration Number is 9531220.

What does Capital Welcomes do and whom does the organization help?

We are dedicated in helping create an environment of trust and support to facilitate the transition of refugees into Canadian society. We help facilitate the settlement of refugees into Ottawa/Gatineau society by ensuring they have the proper resources and knowledge at their disposal through mentorship and guidance. We act as a conduit between other local associations, social groups, support organizations and the refugees, depending on their needs.

Does Capital Welcomes accept donations? 

Capital Welcomes accepts donations. If you wish to give to the cause or contribute to our daily operation needs, please send us an email transfer addressed to capitalwelcomes@capitalwelcomes.ca, or contact our Co-Chairs.  

Are charitable donations tax deductible? 

Since we are registered as a non-profit corporation, we do not emit donation receipts for gifts. 

 Will 100% of my donations go toward helping refugees?

At Capital Welcomes, we guarantee that all the money donated specifically to refugees will be donated strictly to the refugees in our care. 

Does Capital Welcomes receive government funding?

At the moment, Capital Welcomes does not receive government funding. 

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by volunteering with us! We have a multitude of interesting positions and roles available, just waiting to be filled by someone like you! Contact one of our volunteer coordinators for more information. 

How can I stay in touch with Capital Welcomes?

Drop us a line! You can find our contact information here

If you have any other questions or would simply like to get in touch with us, please send us an email or visit our Facebook page!